Who Eats Wax Worms? 

• Panfish, including Bluegills, Sunfish and Crappies                                       • Wild Birds, including Bluebirds, 

• All Species of Reptiles                                                                                     Cardinals and Finches     

• Frogs, Snakes and Turtles                                                                             • Salmon  and Trout


What are Wax Worms?

Wax worms are the larva of the wax moth. Wax worms are used for food for a variety of pets because of their high protein and fat content. With proper care wax worms can live for several weeks to a month if kept at the proper temperature and humidity(see wax worm care). Wax worms also make one of the best fishing baits in the world. Wax worms are excellent for panfish, salmon and trout.

Why Wax Worms as Live Food?

Wax worms are an ideal food for many species of animals, reptiles and fish because of their extremely high fat, protein and calcium content, making them the #1 craved "critter" food available on the market today.       

Why Wax Worms as Bait?

You will not find a better bait for your hook than a wax worm, guaranteed or your money back. Trout, Panfish and Salmon go crazy over these tasty treats. Join the millions of top  anglers around the world who are using wax worms as their secret choice of bait!